In our lives, sometimes we fall down, sometimes we fail. But it’s how we get up from them that counts and how we surround ourselves with people that can support and assist us in our times of need.Let us help you get your business in the groove again.

About us

Our Philosophy


We re-energise your current brand with some new zest and tricks.


We change your brand so much that it appears to be entirely new.


We do everything to return your brand to its original condition, it's glory days

Second Chances, we believe it to be true about our lives and brands as well. So we offer to RENEW your brand if it’s feeling a bit lackluster? REINVENT it if it has veered off course and RESTORE your old brand with some new life and inject customer confidence back into your brand. Not only can we assist you in your business, in your marketing, and your creative outputs; but also put you in contact with people in the same predicament as yourself.This is why we call our agency Renovatus. Its loosely based on the old Latin word; which means to restore, renovate and revive. And according to Websters' definition, “It is a second chance: an opportunity to try something again after failing one time.”With over 2 decades worth of experience, in various creative fields, ranging from magazine publishing, advertising agencies, animation, raw graphic design, photography, illustration, motion graphics, and video; on some of the best-loved brands in South Africa and beyond.In all we do, and whatever you would like us to do, we wholeheartedly listen to where you want to direct your brand and assist you in doing so the best way we know-how.

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What we offer






The above is our core services, but we still do so much more. In our design services we can create logos, business cards, and even websites; not our forte, but we can do them.
2022/3 Portfolio showreel coming soon!

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How we can assist

How much does your idea cost? Putting a price on an idea is one of the biggest flaws facing agencies and even clients. Sometimes it might take a day, other times it takes six months to crack the right idea. So should you pay for the hours spent on the job or for the worth of the idea? This is where WE give you the honest choice!



Pay What You Can For Your Creative is our contribution to Restoring, Renewing, or Reinventing your brand and ultimately, your faith in society. When we get a second chance, we sometimes don't have the luxury of time or resources for the second time around. This system is built on trust and integrity with some of our services available with the following pricing example displayed. Remember, there’s no right or wrong choice here; you know yourself and your finances and what’s true and in integrity for you and the reasons why you might choose it.

The pricing system

LP | Lowest price

This is the lowest price we think we would like to be renumerated for the project.Some reasons why you might choose this option:

  • you have large amounts of debt

  • you stress about paying rent, buying food, and making ends meet

  • you do not have access to basic resources

  • you are financially supporting other people in your family/community

  • you are currently starting up

  • you feel financially unstable

sP | Suggested price

This is the price we offer and would like to be renumerated for the project.
Some reasons why you might choose this option:

  • you have some debt, but it doesn’t hugely affect your ability to meet your needs

  • your own small business is doing okay

  • you may have access to some savings or investments

  • you have access to some resources

  • you’re able to travel and take holidays when they are planned out and budgeted

iP | Industry price

This is the price you are likely to pay with another agency.
Some reasons why you might choose this option:

  • you do not have crippling amounts of debt

  • you feel financially stable and have access to stable financial resources/help (savings, family, inheritance, investments, etc) and can easily meet all of your needs

  • you are able to easily travel

  • you have a mature profitable business

  • you have disposable income

PWYCFYC service examples | the below pricing is indicative, and show the system


LP | Lowest price


Options: 1
Revisions: 2

sP | Suggested price


Options: 2
Revisions: 2

iP | Industry price


Options: 4
Revisions: 2

Business card DESIGN

LP | Lowest price


Options: 1
Revisions: 2

sP | Suggested price


Options: 2
Revisions: 2

iP | Industry price


Options: 4
Revisions: 2

HOW pwycfyc WORKS

  • The process starts by filling out this questionnaire. This gives us a clearer understanding of who we are talking to and what your current and future needs are.

  • Once we receive your questionnaire results, we will set up a consultation time in the medium you have requested to be contacted in, video call, WhatsApp, telephonically, or face to face. And don't worry, if we meet face to face, the coffee is on us.

  • After the consultation, we draw up a proposal/ discovery document where we overview your needs and what was discussed, just in case we missed anything, and cover pricing options as well. We will send this digitally via email or Whatsapp.

  • Once you are happy with the proposal and have selected your pricing structure, we will commence work once a variable deposit is paid and verified, based on the approved document.

  • This system is based on goodwill, trust, and integrity and once you have selected your structure, we are committed to providing you with the work needed to uplift your brand. Each project and payment is structured to your needs and your choices.

  • You may have the option to split the balance of your project total over 3 to 6 payments if it cannot be paid in one installment, and only once the deposit is paid for the project will we discuss these options, should they arise. The maximum time for settling these payments is 90 days/ 3 months, based on the project and the final costing. This means that payments are not necessarily running on a monthly term, but on an agreed formula that you can afford and agree upon. For example; The project costs R2000, and a 50% deposit is required, making that R1000 deposit, with the balance being split over 4 payments @ R250, to be paid within the 90 days stipulated and agreed upon a term plan document. Should payment not be completed by the agreed-upon term, legal action may be instituted.

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Other ways we can assist

Trade Deals

At our core we are about second chances, so we can also discuss and may offer a Barter Deal, but this is may only be as a part payment and is based on the goodwill that a 50% deposit is paid first and the balance in the agreed service or product. In the long term, we would like to create a directory where we can do cashless trading, not only for us but the Community.

Community Service

Volunteering offers vital help to people in need, worthwhile causes, and the community, but the benefits can be even greater for you, and or your business. The right match can help you to find friends, connect with the community, learn new skills, and even advance your career. If you can show that you are an accredited volunteer, like someone who always signs up and has a reference (like helping out at SANCOB, etc) then we might be persuaded to throw you a discounted rate. And for those NGO's and NPO's that are looking for some creative assistance, don't worry we might have a surprise in store for you.

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Our Design Process

1. Client fills out our briefing form

2. We review the form

3. We set up a consultation time

4. We enjoy a cup of coffee

5. We discuss your project

6. We draw up a proposal

7. You are happy with the proposal

8. You pay the variable deposit

9. We commence conceptualisation

10. We present a draft presentation

11. Revise artwork, if needed

12. Finalise all artwork and send off

13. Finalise all payments

14. Housekeeping on all project files

15. Archive all artwork

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You are also welcome to fill out our questionnaire for a more detailed understanding of your needs;

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